Discover the transformation in just 15 minutes with our Callus Peel Beauty Treatment.

This swift and effective four-step system offers an innovative approach to foot care, accessible to everyone from professional nail technicians to at-home consumers.

  1. Begin with our skin softening patch, designed to wrap comfortably around both the heel and toe, preparing the skin for treatment.
  2. Next, utilize the specialised scraper to gently remove dead skin and calluses.
  3. The third step involves a buffing process, smoothing away any remaining roughness.
  4. Finally, seal in the softness with our nourishing moisturising cream. Each component of this comprehensive kit works in harmony to reveal softer, more beautiful feet in no time.

Experience the ease and convenience of professional-grade foot care in the comfort of your own home.

Callus Peel Express Mist

A simple 3 minute Spray and Go solution. Simply Spray on the PH Balanced formula, wait 3 minutes, Scrape and file, then moisturize.