Mancine Body

Todays ever expanding Mancine range of proven body care formulations provide men and women
of all ages with superior treatments to guarantee they look good and feel great!
Mancine Body Care products do not contain petro-chemicals, harsh detergents, sulphates, animal
derivatives, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, triethanolamine, mineral oil or parabens.
Mancine Body products are available in 7 scents with skin benefits and a sensory experience.


A roll-on or cartridge wax is soft strip wax, which is an effective alternative to spatula application.
Cartridges are hand held with ergonomic holders which the cartridge rests in. The cartridges have a fixed head which holds the roller mechanism which delivers a thin & consistent film of wax. No wastage, drips & the epilation is easier..

COVID-19 and Waxing with Mancine

Mancine recognises OH&S for Covid-19 in waxing services. The safety of salons and their customers is something we need to thoroughly be aware of. This is where wax cartridges or roll on waxing systems can play a huge role in providing waxing treatments while at the same time protecting the health and safety of everyone including our industry which certainly took a hard hit this year.

Dipping Powder Systems

A revolutionary nail system with the benefits and strength of acrylic
Finely milled acrylic powders in a vast range of colours
Dipping powder gives a flawless, lightweight, long lasting, high shine look.
OPI Powder Perfection & Gelish dip ranges have matching gel & lacquers
There is no need for LED/UV lights to cure the products
Cured with an activator and finished with a topcoat.
Perfect treatment for natural nails or, with tip extensions.

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