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Getting your ears pierced is a right of passage, so when your client wants it done, you want to do it right! You need to get yourself a reliable ear piercing kit, which will come complete with an ear piercing gun and some piercing tools. Luckily, National Salon Supplies has you covered. With one of the best ranges of ear piercing kits in Australia, we are sure to have the ear piercing accessories and piercing tools you need to make you or your client’s ear piercing experiencing a good one. 

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Ear Piercing Guns

Our range of ear piercing guns from Caflon are perfect for professionals and students alike. In fact, we have ear piercing kits to suit the needs of either. The Caflon Professional Starter Kit comes with all the ear piercing tools and accessories you need to get your salon underway. With a piercing gun, two ear lotions, twenty-four pairs of studs (twelve silver and twelve gold), a marker pens, and some swabs, you will be generating customers and providing them with a quick and safe service in no time. If this isn’t your first ear piercing rodeo, you might already have all the ear piercing accessories you need. If you’re in the market for a new gun, then the Caflon Ear Piercing Gun is right for you. If this is your first ear piercing rodeo, you may want to consider the Caflon Student Starter Kit. This contains all the same tools and accessories as the Professional Starter Kit, but it also includes a comprehensive training manual with the all the information you need to get started as a piercing specialist. With affordable prices and rock solid reviews from customers, why wait any longer before you start pursuing your new passion for piercing!

By the way, if you want something to practice on, check out these Caflon Foam Ears!

Piercing Tools

If you’re going to start piercing people’s ears, a gun isn’t all that you need. You’re also going to need studs, sleepers, and ear care spray. We stock Natural Look Ear Care Lotion Spray that is perfect to have on hand, not just for applying to your client after you’ve given them their piercing, but also to upsell to them as they head home. You don’t want them to have a bad experience with their piercing, and risk infection! Antiseptic lotion spray makes piercing care easy. Used three times a day for two weeks following a piercing, without removing studs, this product should be all your clients need to maintain their healthy pierced ears. Our customers love it, and chances are yours will too. 

Lotion spray is only going to be of any use if your client keeps their sleepers or studs in. We have a huge range of both, and our Caflon Sleepers are the most popular of the lot. They come in gold or silver plated styles, and are hinged for complete convenience and ease. They also range in size from ten to eighteen millimeters, to suit whatever look your client most desires. If studs are more your client’s style, Caflon also supply a huge range of these. Our most popular of their options are the Cassette Birthstone Studs. Just pick your preferred stud colour (gold or silver) and your birth month, and you’ll receive studs that are customised with the stone that corresponds to the time that you were born. Caflon also produces Regular Cassette Studs, if the birth stone adornment isn’t for you.  

Buy Ear Piercing Kits in Australia

National Salon Supplies has everything you need to start or keep piercing the ears of clients. This is a safe, quick, and profitable service you can offer and people really appreciate it when it’s done well. Put a smile on your clients faces, get an ear piercing gun today!

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