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It can be difficult to find the right wax strip for you. Is it better to buy precut strips or a roll? Should you buy woven or spun fabric? Different types of strips serve different purposes. No matter what the situation, Australia’s very own National Salon Supply has the variety you need for any service or aesthetic you desire.

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Wax Strip Fabric types: 


Diamond-shaped weave allows for more wax absorption and therefore less friction with the skin. When it comes to ultimate comfort for yourself or your clients, this is the strip of choice.

During weaving, layers of fabric fibres are laid over each other to create patterns, such as the diamond patterns commonly seen in weaved wax strips, make-up removal wipes, and baby wipes.

The weave allows liquids to absorb more quickly. The result is less sweat interruption, as well as reducing the use and mess of powders.

Weaving is the earliest method of creating textiles from fibre. Humans have been weaving since prehistoric times. Mainly by using grass blades, and wheat plant stem, leading to the invention of the woven basket and the modern-day sweater. You can get these strips precut or rolled.

Spun lace 

The pros of it are less bulky due to reduced “fluffiness”. Think of your woven items, like sweaters as opposed to cotton spun shirts, and the fluffiness issue will make more sense. This will lead to less tearing when pulling the wax off. Although, it will need a couple more seconds on the skin for effective waxing.

Wax strips made by spinning are similar to the fabric used in surgical drape cloths, and gowns, as opposed to a woven sweater. Good drape-ability, less force, and more flexibility when waxing.

The manufacturing of this type of fabric has faced technological developments, mainly because it uses less manpower to create and can be made with machines. Using a spinning wheel, with a mechanic spindle allows a mechanic spinner to feed fibre into the spindle and a flyer twists the thread. This uses less fibre than woven textiles and therefore is a more economical option. 

It can be used everywhere on the body and is mothproof. Therefore, you can store it for longer without worrying about little moth friends sneaking your strips for lunch. There are two methods of spinning, either ring spinning or open-ended spinning. The latter is rarely used in beauty products due to it being better suited for thicker fibres, such as wool. Either way, this fabric is long-lasting and anti-bacterial but does not absorb liquid as easily as the former.  

Just like the weave, this fabric option comes in Precut or Roll forms, depending on your strip needs and fabric needs.

Precut or roll? 

Precut strips are ideal for large areas, such as ankles, legs, and the bikini area. But can also be used on the face. It will naturally save you time, because you won’t need to cut it yourself. But it does have a reduced variety of the use.

Strip Rolls can be cut to fit different size needs and used anywhere. You can cut it into smaller pieces for the face and body before your client walks through the door, or before you start your wax routine. 

During the wax:

Depending on the wax you use, you might need a wax melting pot. Whether you’re a professional aesthetician or waxing at home, there are options for you at National Salon Supplies. 

Use it to melt the wax of your choice, whether plain, strawberry or chamomile infused. Wax heater melted wax is better versatile and used for big or small wax patches. 

If you’re a professional aesthetician, your customer and you will feel comforted with the variety of waxing mats that you can lay on your waxing bed for a better hygienic process. 

Post wax routine:

Tweeze out any hairs that remain, then apply Aloe Vera gel on the waxed area for faster healing and calming of the skin. Especially for clients who might have sensitive skin

National Salon Supplies carries a variety of industry and personal sized Aloe vera gels and they come in a variety of packaging and helping ingredients. 

For those with ingrown hair, I’d advise exfoliating between waxes, and applying an ingrown hair creme, available on National Beauty Supplies. 

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