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If you’re in the business of providing massages, massage oils are one of the most important pieces of massage equipment that you can get your hands on. If you’re looking to buy hot stones for massage, or essential oils for massage, look no further than the range of massage equipment here at National Salon Supplies.

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Buy Massage Oils

We stock a massive range of massage oils, with one of our most popular products being the Pure Nature Massage Oil. This water-dispersible product comes in 1 litre, 5 litre, and 20-litre sizes, so it’s the perfect choice no matter the size of your operation. Whether you’re giving massages to friends and family or providing massage therapy to long list of clients, this massage oil from Pure Nature glides, absorbs, and reduces stickiness and buildup. The result is a massage treatment that your clients will love and feel comfortable with. It’s made from sunflower oil, apricot kernel oil, a laurate, with no preservatives. 

If you’re after another option when it comes to massage oils, check out our Natural Look Glisten Massage Oil. This one-litre bottle features a special formulation that promotes easy moisturising and massage, and the addition of rose or lavender essential oils adds to its ability to maintain skin softness, develop a youthful appearance, and provide a pleasant aroma.

Our range of massage oils from b includes their Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Anxiety Oil, and Harmony Oil. While the last three of these are intended for aromatherapy, the first is a very popular choice when it comes to massage. The essential oils for massage can be added to the Sweet Almond Oil, or any other carrier oil of your choice. This will improve the scent of your massage experience, and offer some additional cosmetic benefits. Browse the range from b today and see how they can enhance your therapeutic practice.

Buy Hot Stones for Massage

If you search for massage equipment extends to the need to buy hot stones for massage, check out what we’ve got in stock at National Salon Supplies. The Joiken Hot Stone Set comes with twenty-eight 100% natural black basalt sones packed in a natural bamboo box. Hand shaped and water polished, these stones are the first choice when it comes to increasing circulation, blood vessel vasodilation, and deep relaxation of the muscles. This pack includes eight large flat stones (four for the thighs, four for the backside), twelve medium flat stones (four for the calves, four for the arms, two for the feet, and two for the palms), four small flat stones (two for the crown, two for the forehead), and a miniature pressure point basalt stone, for the backside or neck. For heating these stones, consider the Joiken Hot Stone Heater. With a consistent temperature and a 42 stone capacity, this stainless steel heater can hold nearly six litres of water and is perfect for hot and warm stone massage. The constant, even temperature is microcomputer controlled, so you can rest assured that your hot stones will always be at the ideal temperature for your treatments.

We have other opportunities for you to buy hot stones for massage as well. Firm ‘n’ Fold Basalt Toe Stones come in a convenient eight pack, to slot neatly between each of your client’s toes. Firm ‘n’ Fold also produces a Hot Stone Heater, and offers their own range of Basalt Massage Stone Packs. They also produce this nifty Mushroom Stone, which is ideal for targeting particularly tense pressure points.

Buy Massage Equipment

No matter the massage equipment you are after, National Salon Supplies has the massage oils, essential oils for massage, and massage accessories you need to provide the perfect therapies. Shop our range now!

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