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Where to buy a spray tan machine?

National Salon Supplies offers a wide variety of spray tan machines and kits that you can purchase to achieve high-quality tanning. Our Black Magic Basic Deluxe Kit comes with bonus stock and a tent to make your tanning experience mess-free, simple, and professional. The Black Magic Viper Kit offers a more detailed experience for professionals with its reliable viper gun and an adjustable fan that lets you choose the spray pattern.

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If you are operating in a professional setting, it is also important to set up the environment for your clients. Explore client care brochures and disposables for your salon to create an ambience. 

What brand of spray tan machine is the best?

There are many brands that offer spray tan machines, but our most popular brands are Black Magic and Minetan. The best-selling Black Magic iTan Luxe (with Deluxe Gun) is a high-quality spray tanning solution that offers all the power of HVLP spraying with the practicality of being able to be wall mounted. The kit includes everything you need to get started, including an instructional DVD, deluxe gun, and hose caddy. 

Minetan is also increasingly popular especially due to its easy 3-step tanning process with the Minetan Bronze Babe Handy Kit. This kit is light to carry, simple to use, and comparatively mess-free. Using an ultra-fine mist to form a layer of tan on your skin, this kit is great for a quick tan that you can even do by yourself at home.

How to use a spray tan machine?

Different brands style their spray tan machines differently. Hence, it is always important to follow the instructions of the particular spray tan kit that you have purchased. Generally, though, using a spray tan machine is fairly straightforward: you simply step into the booth, select your desired shade, and position yourself so that the spray tan solution can be evenly applied. Most spray tan machines will allow you to control the amount of solution that is sprayed so that you can customise your tan to your desired level of darkness. Once the spray tan solution has been applied, you will need to wait a few minutes before getting dressed and then return to the spray tan machine to remove any excess solution. 

How much is a spray tan machine?

Spray tan kits can range from $99 to $1,899 if you are exploring National Salon Supplies range of tanning machines. The MineTan Spray Tan Booth Kit, for instance, is the best deal you can have to offer professional tanning services in your salon. It gives an amazing finish on the skin with a detailed bronze mist. Its unique selling point is that it has four fans which help extract the overspray and maintain clean air in the booth to give a remarkable experience.

Is it easy to spray tan yourself with a machine?

There are many spray tan solutions available that allow you to self-tan. These include the Minetan Bronze Babe Handy Kit which is highly ranked due to its compact design and simple usability. Of course, self-tanning can be done with lotions and sprays as well. However, tanning requires precision to avoid white patches or uneven colour which is why it is best to get it done by a professional.

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