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Are you tired of having cracked heels, dry feet, and calluses? It is a common problem and can result from several lifestyle habits like not wearing socks, extreme weather (especially winter), and wrong footwear like shoes that are too loose or too tight. Unnecessary friction can harden the soft skin under your feet and can make your feet’s appearance unattractive. If you want beautiful, softer feet, a foot file is a great tool, to begin with. Think of it as a necessity just as important as a loofah. You need a loofah to clean your body of any dead skin and dirt, but because the skin under your feet is stubborn, it needs a stronger tool like a foot file. 

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Foot files come in different shapes and sizes, and even different textures depending on what kind of exfoliation you require. Some files have a rougher surface than others to get rid of calluses and dead skin that has been there for a long time. In short, foot files are a general solution to most of your foot-related problems including cracked heels. They are used during pedicures, and even in between pedicures, to keep your feet looking healthy and pretty.

National Salon Supplies stocks foot files and their refills to provide you with the best experience. After all, your experience can only be as great as your tools. 

Our best-selling stainless steel foot file comes with replaceable pads that make it easy to use and clean without requiring extensive costs. But, the beauty of your feet does not depend just on good-looking skin, but also on groomed nails. We have nail files and board files to help you maintain the look. So, whether your feet need help because of sun exposure, weather changes, or just poor maintenance, a foot file can be your friend.

Using a foot file regularly can help you maintain not only good-looking but also healthy feet that would look good in your favourite footwear or even without. People often overlook the importance of grooming the feet, but surprisingly, feet are one of the first things that someone might notice about you, including your footwear. 

What is a foot file?

The best way to achieve smooth, soft feet is to use a foot file. A foot file is a small, handheld tool that helps to remove dead skin cells and calluses from the feet. The file is usually made from rough, abrasive material, such as sandpaper or metal. Some foot files also have a battery-operated motor that helps to rotate the filing surface. Foot files are used to exfoliate the skin and help to prevent dead skin from building up. They can also be used to smooth out dry, cracked heels. In addition, many people use foot files before applying beauty products such as tanning lotions, moisturisers, etc. to ensure even coverage.

How to use a foot file step by step?

Foot files are easy to use, which is why you can even use them at home. Here’s how to use a foot file: 

  1. Fill a tub with warm water and soak your feet in it for five to ten minutes to soften the skin.
  2. Next, use the foot file to gently exfoliate the dead skin away. Begin at the bottom of your heels and then move upward towards the toes. 
  3. Wash your feet with soap and water to remove any debris. 
  4. Finally, apply a foot cream or lotion to keep your feet hydrated. 

With just a few simple steps, you can have silky soft feet that you’ll be proud to show off!

How to clean a foot file?

Our foot files are designed to give you ultimate convenience and control over your foot care routine. While foot files can be cleaned, National Salon Supplies sells foot files that come with a replaceable pad so that you do not have to worry about tiring cleaning procedures or risk any hygiene issues. Try our popular OPI Pro Spa Dual Sided Foot File that comes with disposable pads 

Where to buy a microplane foot file?

The microplane foot file has a unique design that is significantly different from any other foot file on the market. They work like a rasp to safely and effectively remove rough, dry skin without damaging healthy tissue. The result is smoother, softer feet in just seconds! With just a few gentle strokes, you can achieve amazing results that will last for days. If you have been searching for a safe and effective way to achieve baby-soft, smooth feet, you can purchase them at National Salon Supplies.

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