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If you’re providing salon skincare for clients, you’re going to need skin care kits and skin care accessories. Luckily, National Salon Supplies is your one stop shop for all of those and more! We stock a humongous range of products that make it easy for you to provide quality salon skincare at affordable prices. Browse our range today and see what you can find. If we don’t have what you’re after, or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

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Skin Care Kits

National Salon Supplies is proud to stock a huge range of salon skincare kits, including a number of excellent products from Anesi. The Anesi Infini Jeunesse Stem C3 Coffret features five separate products, and four sachets of each. There’s the Stem C3 Mask, the Stem C3 Mask Activator, the Stem C3 Concentrate, the Stem C3 Emulsion, and four sachets of Cell-EGF. These products are one of the best possible responses to chronological aging, and they utilise plant stem cell technology to delay skin cell deterioration. By stimulating collagen formation and acting on fibroblasts, these products keep you and your clients looking young and supple. The addition of three forms of Vitamin C protects against free radicals and treats pigmentation marks. The additional glycol proteins and allantoin help keep the skin in excellent repair. With four treatments per skin care kit, this is a great option for any salon skincare professional. 

We have a huge range of Anesi skin care kits that target specific skin conditions and goals, but if you want to get a feel for everything that this unbelievable company has to offer, consider purchasing the Anesi Trial Kit. Whether you’re working from home, need a skin care range of your own, or have just opened a new salon, this cost-effective and client friendly skin care kit has absolutely everything you need. The products contained in this kit suit all skin types, all age groups, and all genders. The quantity will allow you to perform up to fifty facials at a cost of about eight dollars per treatment! You’ll receive Anesi’s Aqua Vital Xpress Make-up Remover, Mousse Radiance, Lotion, Exfoliate, Massage Creme, Serum, Oxygenate, Masque Vitality, Creme Comfort, Protocol, and twenty Anesi samples to hand out to your clientele! There’s also an Anesi poster, so that you can show your clients that you’re using the good stuff. Our customers love these products, so we’re sure that yours will too!

Skin Care Accessories

Skin care accessories are essential for the application of salon skincare kits. Sticking with the Anesi theme, we’ve got our most popular product: the Anesi Facial Fan Brush. This little number is ideal for the application of facials and peels, with super soft bristles and a great design. Some of our customers buy multiple of these, because they’re so versatile and they always want a clean, fresh one on hand

The b Mask Brush features synthetic bristles and a premium quality wood handle that makes its super soft design ideal for the application of masks. Our satisfied customers say this is an affordable and long lasting piece of equipment, and the quality makes it an item that you simply need for home masks or salon skincare!

Another of our excellent skin care accessories is the Riffi Massage Glove. This is widely considered to be one of the best exfoliating mitts on the market, according to beauty professionals. Whether you use it every day in the shower for yourself, or use it to stimulate the circulation of your clientele, it’s perfect for the job. This item is great for applying tanner, or for reducing in grown hairs in the wake of a wax. 

Buy Salon Skincare

If you’re in the market for salon skincare kits and products, check out the massive range at National Salon Supplies! Shop now. 

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