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Professional wax kits will give you the best results. From starter kits to complete salon-like solutions, wax kits exist in every size, for every scope and to fit every budget. National Salon Supplies is the leading provider of salon equipment, and you will definitely find a wax kit to fit your needs. 

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What does a wax kit include?

There are a variety of wax kits on the market that can help you achieve professional-looking results. To choose one, you really need to decide on a way of waxing. If you choose the traditional wax pot and strips, then wax kits are perfect for you! One kit will include everything: wax pot, wax, strips and skincare lotions. While some kits are made for general use, there are many that are designed specifically for coarse or fine hair, or for sensitive areas.

Whether you’re a professional or waxing at home, you need a superstar kit for regular waxing. The LYCON Complete Precision Waxing Kit is a favourite among beauticians and at-home waxers. It includes everything from a wax pot to skin-soothing oils. This one kit will be all you need! The LYCON Hot Professional Waxing Kit is a great choice for face and intimate waxing. And it comes with a convenient carry bag. The LYCON MANifico Hot Waxing Kit is the ultimate gentle waxing kit. Suitable for all areas and especially effective against strong hair and sensitive skin, this is a must-have for men! 

For aspiring aestheticians, Mancine has student waxing kits. It is a starter kit with basic supplies that will teach you everything about waxing and hair removal! If you already have some supplies and need to upgrade your existing kit, check out our accessories.

Why should I get a wax kit?

Wax kits are not something new, but they are becoming increasingly popular, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are all the reasons why you need a DIY wax kit at home:


The ease of a wax kit is unparalleled. Forget making appointments, dealing with wait times and going to the salon. You can stay at home and wax at your convenience. Waxing is generally a process that can be lengthy. So, having the option to do it according to your schedule is a win!


Every time you go to a salon for a waxing appointment, you will have to pay a lot. And with the rising cost of bills, you just cannot be wasteful with money. The solution is simple — assemble a waxing kit at home and re-use your own supplies! All you need to do is just restock wax.

Consistent results

With salon waxing, you worry about having different results with different aestheticians. But when you wax on your own, you can have strong results. No one knows your skin and hair growth as well as you do. Rely on this knowledge and come up with a waxing routine that suits your life and schedule. 

Safe and hygienic

When you use your wax kit at home, you have come up with your own system. This means that all the equipment and materials are used only by you. This makes wax kits the safest and most hygienic option by far.

Get salon-quality results at home. You can’t go wrong with the wax kits from National Salon Supplies. High quality materials, excellent equipment, and user-friendly design — our wax kits have them all. Check out our entire range here. 

For any further questions about wax kits, check out our FAQs or get in touch with our staff. We will be glad to assist you! 

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