TRIPLE SKIN PROTECTION We live in a fast track world where convenience is imperative. Technology is slowly consuming our world.  From a young age our kids are on the computers doing homework or playing games. They spend hours a day playing Fortnite or building Minecraft empires. As the age progresses iPhones, Smart phones, Tablets and Computers form part of the normal routine.  Living in an urban techno environment has new consequences for our skin: Environmental Pollution, Photo Pollution and Wireless Communication. These 3 main aggressors on our skin cause havoc with depleting our Vitamin E by 90% and increasing our spot production by 22%. Other effects include: increase sebum production, dehydration, skin disorders and premature ageing with loss of elasticity. 

Air pollution is mainly generated in big cities, which is where there is the greatest number of people and mainly due to fumes emitted by cars, tobacco smoke, heavy metals and environmental dust and dirt. Our skin acts as a barrier against the environment. URBAN BlueDefense range is specifically formulated to protect our skin against daily contaminations, to restore and repair our skin.

URBAN BlueDefense is a cosmeceutical range, formulated to clean and oxygenate the skin, protecting it against High Energy Blue light (HEV).  Digital ageing is caused by Smart Phones, Tablets, Computers, Navigation and any other forms of wireless communication, changing the metabolism of cells which are having a damaging effect on our DNA.

Regardless of age, gender or skin colour we are all being affected by the “3 aggressors”, this is your time to combat digital ageing.

Anesi Urban BlueDefense

It is your turn to turn back the clock and give your skin the protection it needs against Environmental pollution, Photo Pollution and Wireless Communication.


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