The Anesi 1-2-3 Routine

1-2-3 Routine: Cleanse Tone Moisturise

We all love a routine every morning and every evening we diligently cleanse, tone and moisturise, but why?
Why is it important to keep up our daily routine, day in and day out?

Step 1 Cleanse: There are so many choices to start your routine with. Whether you have a  dehydrated, sensetive, oily or are just time poor, we should all start our routine off with a cleanse in the morning and at end the day.  Removing make up, dirt and grim from the day  is essential to maintaining a healthy glowing skin. Anesi has all the basis covered Mousse Radiance, Harmonie Demaquillant or Xpress make up remover, Anesi has something to suit every one. By not cleansing your skin daily you are affecting the defence barrier of your skin, allowing infection, sensitivity and breakouts to occur.

Step 2 Tone: To some this may seem like a time waster but please a step that is not to be missed for several reasons. Firstly it removes excess cleanser from the skin leaving your skin clean and refreshed. Secondly it brings your skin back to it’s normal PH balance 5.5, this gives the skin the ability to work as a barrier in protecting your skin from external aggressions. Thirdly it helps to keep the pores of the skin closed and clean, reducing the accumulation of blackheads.  Our skin works tirelessly as a shield, continuously fighting against external factors wind, cold, pollution etc which constantly threaten to invade and put your skin under stress.
Step 3 Moisturise: Now that you have prepared your skin and have a nice clean canvas to work with, we are ready to treat your skin. Moisturising is essential for hydrating our skin and slowing down the ageing process ( something we all want to do!) Applying daily will keep your skin supple, hydrated, soft and keep up the defence barrier.
Completing your daily 3 step routine will put you on the right track to healthier, calmer and more balanced skin. Once you have your routine up and running it is easy to slot extra products in that would not irratate  or stress your skin out. Over the next few months I am looking forward to sharing with you how you can expand on your daily routine slotting in extra products that would take your skin to the next level.
Our skin has a major task to do and we need to support it and look after it, after all it is the only skin we will ever have.
Now that we have gone through the 1-2-3 routine you can see how important it is to keep up with your daily routine.
Remember it is easy with Anesi, morning and night 1-2-3 one step at a time!
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