Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Since Australia banned the use of commercial Tanning Beds & Solariums in 2015, we have seen a consistent increase in the use of fake tans across all age groups along with some exciting advancements in the development of Australian fake tan brands.

There has also been during this time, noticeable advancements and guidelines including tanning solutions, ingredients, base colours, development time, ventilation, equipment and essential accessories.

Global Conscience:
What is & what is NOT in your products

Australian tanning brands have gained global recognition for the quality and diversity of ingredients contained in their products such as Organic DHA derived from plant sources sugar beets & sugar cane, combined with botanical Erythrulose & enriched with Aloe Vera

Tanning brands are aligning themselves with professional and consumer expectations of quality cosmetic products including, consciously standing by their stance of ‘what is & what is not’ included in their products.  Many of the professional tanning brands research ingredients that are more natural including botanical extracts and vitamins.   

Development and Technology of tans

No longer do we need to pray to the tanning gods that we won’t be yellow, patchy or next level brown when we sleep in our tan!! 

Advancements with technology, techniques and ingredient blends like Quad bronzing technology means tanning brands now offer far more than just Light, Medium or Dark tans that take 8 hours to develop to their full potential.

R & D has pushed tanning companies to new areas of customer satisfaction with faster developing tans with a range of base shades and depths of colour. 


Caring for your health while tanning

Scientific studies on spray tanning were undertaken by the European Commission’s Safety Commission on Consumer Safety (EC SCCS). It concluded that Spray Tanning was indeed safe – although it should not be heavily inhaled or ingested.  

With this in mind, the FDA has also set out recommendations, not mandates, that should be supported and endorsed by professionals and consumers alike. The following precautions are suggested for any professional tan by handheld or spray booth systems: 

  • Use of Disposable Accessories
  • Use of Nose Filters
  • Use of Barrier Cream
  • Use of Lip Balm

Breathing Easy

Extraction units are a spray tanning essential. Designed to draw overspray and filter out clean air.  Consideration when choosing your equipments –  Budget – Space – Mobile or fixed tanning booth – Volume of tans performed – Filtration options and Whirlwind technologies

Four-stage filtration systems:

  • Minimizes excess overspray and draws in spray tan solution to ensure the area has clean air.
  • Lightweight design for professional salon, mobile or home use.
  • Easy removable filters.
  • Suitable for tanning areas with limited space or mobile spray tanning.

Two-stage filtering systems:

  • Reduce excess tanning solution in the air.
  • Compact design ideal for small salons and mobile tanners.
  • Plug and play system.
  • Ergonomic carry handle.

Tanning machines & equipment

Tanning equipment has evolved to such a level that technicians now have far more control than early years of tanning. 

The design of the tanning machines and guns (tan applicators) have advanced to take into consideration, air flow, size of machines, portable and fixed units, wind technology, spray option for delivering even tans with minimal wastage. 

All in One Tan Booth  

  • The aerodynamic curved chamber funnels extraction, generating airflow into a cyclone.
  • Industry strength extraction via the top and bottom fans extracts the overspray and generates clean air.
  • Micro-Whirlwind Technology creates a powerful flow of continuous smooth air for accurate, streak-free tanning.
  • Powerful atomization & variable speed control for flawless, touch-dry finish.
  • Features left or right handed gun holders.
  • 4 fans from top to bottom ensures overspray is extracted evenly. 
  • Save up to 40% of spray tan solution per full body.

Tan Easy Machine  

  • Lightweight, wall-mountable options for professional use.
  • Gun designs & quick release hoses mean less wear and tear.
  • Rounded Filtration System for easy cleaning and direct air intake.
  • Adjustable nozzle direction and flow rate dial.

Black Magic Tanning Machine  

  • Latest green motor (great for environment)
  • Single Speed function (no more speed settings)
  • Detachable feet that can be connected to the back for wall mounting
  • New Light Weight Flex hosing with Hose Caddy attached
  • Quick release gun attachment

The M series gun:

  • Fully adjustable fan spray.
  • All stainless steel, replaceable parts.
  • Gun is non bleed (airflow) no air released unless trigger pulled.
  • Spray gun features a 2 Phase trigger.
  • Stage1 – Air only & Stage 2 Solution release.

Tanning benefits & rewarding confidence

One shade does not always fit all so why should your tan be any different? 

Using the Fitzpatrick scale for skin and determining the best base for your client, you will be able to offer them stunning results every time regardless of how dark they want to go.  

By following the manufacturers directions of how long a tan should stay on before showering is crucial to achieve the desired look and prevent overdeveloping the tan.

If your client is time poor, lean toward express tans with a 1 hour development time. 4 hour tans are clients who have a bit of time to rest in their tan and 8 hour overnight tans are for those who like to sleep or rest the longest.  

Spray tanning, it’s not science but it is a skill.

The Back Magic Tan collection

Contains 5 ranges all designed to deliver a different colour feel and finish on the skin so they are suitable for all skin types:
Vibe, Original, Argan and niche products such as Pure Magic and Competition & Performance.

Black Magic Tan contains a variety of botanical ingredients and antioxidants that hydrate and nourish the skin. Ingredients vary within each collection, however you can be assured you will always receive the finest quality product which includes a wonderful bounty of ingredients that look after your skin.

Mine Tan

Recognised that one shade does not always fit all. Every product features skin-true shade technology with a unique set of bronzers and tanning actives that adapts to your unique skin tone to deliver a natural-looking tan that’s unique to you.

Formulated with a clean blend of antioxidant-rich botanicals, hydrating natural oils, 100% natural tanning actives and other skin loving ingredients, to give you not just a tan but a unique skin therapy experience. Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan friendly.

$39.00 inc GST
$39.00 inc GST
$39.00 inc GST
$39.00 inc GST
$39.00 inc GST

Naked Tan

In 2005 Naked Tan launched the first 2 hour natural sunless tan for the ‘modern woman’ with a busy lifestyle that didn’t have all day to wait around for a tanning product to develop.  

Naked Tan has a solution for every skin type or depth of colour you want to glow to with DHA’s ranging from the light 10% up to the ultra dark 16% and base colours of Ash and Chocolate, there is always a solution for you. 

Made from naturally derived ingredients. Naked Tan believes in the importance of clean products.

Bella Bronze Tan

Developed and manufactured in Australia with skin firming technology. 

BBT is renowned for its true to colour results, fast drying, unscented, organic and natural blends which are suitable for all skin types. BBT have kept their tanning solutions simple with 2 options.

Medium-Dark Mocha 12% with a touch of caramel and Chocolate Bronze 14% with a violet base.

Bella Bronze Tans contain advanced blends of natural and organic ingredients, contain no parabens or fragrances and are 100% vegan – not tested on animals! 

Vani-t Spray Tan

Vani-t was founded on a heart centred vision and the purest natural ingredients in the world. Each product is meticulously created, often taking 50+ attempts to achieve the perfect formula!  With a range of 5 professional solutions, each one is formulated with its own unique blend of Australian native botanical, essential oils, anti aging & collagen boosting ingredients to enhance the benefit of your tan.

Noir next generation in ultra dark tanning is the darkest tan ever. 18% with a chocolate base & packed with up to 125% more tan actives as well as collagen and hyaluronic acid.  Liquid Sun – is the ultimate express tan with 10% DHA and a green base.

Velocity – drips with warmth with 13.5% DHA and a chocolate base.

Activate – active tanners wanting sweat-proof, here it is 15% DHA with chocolate base.

Illumin8 – a delicious dry oil tan with 8 unique botanical a 15% DHA and a chocolate base.

Spray Aus Spray Tan

Spray Aus Tan combines deep colours, natural shades, hues and textures, to create something entirely unique and natural.    Luxurious mists that not only dry quickly and evenly on the skin, but combine natural and organic ingredients.  Innovative rapid tans, infused with natural and nourishing ingredients, suitable for all skin tones.

Natural to Dark Rapid is a green-based formula with a DHA level of 10%.

Deep Dark Rapid is  green-based bronze has a DHA level of 14%.


LYCO-BRONZE Rapid Spray Tan, with the latest Bio-Melanin technology, achieves a beautiful, natural looking tan with a sun-kissed glow in just one hour and a deep bronze in up to four hours. This cutting edge LYCON formula contains Erythrulose and premium Bio-Melanin (a natural pigment) for a flawless and streak-free tan. Additional skin-loving botanicals nourish and leave skin glowing and silky smooth.

Lyco-Bronze Medium has 10% plant- derived DHA.

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