Panemorfi Jelly Face Masks

Panemorfi Jelly Face Masks

The word ‘panemorfi’ comes from the Greek language, it means beautiful!

The Panemorfi goal is to make your customers feel their best and look their best with their amazing range of gel masks that exude powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and moisture-rich ingredients!

Panemorfi Mask Face Jelly

The perfect Mask

Panemorfi Jelly or Rubber Masks

The inventor of Panemorfi was always looking for the next best thing to bring into their salon and provide their clients with the services they deserve.

She thought “why not just do the next best thing?!” so she started creating arguably the most innovative and amazing salon skin masks.

After countless nights without sleep and driving her customers crazy with all the product trials, Panemorfi was born.

She wants her masks to stand out the most and we believe Panemorfi is the way to do it!

Amazing Salon Returns

Panemorfi face mask treatments are not only good for your customers! 
The 500g containers make up to 20-25 Jelly Face Masks!

Discover the Power of Rubber

Panemorfi Mask Preparation

The skin should be cleansed and exfoliated before applying the mask. It is your personal choice on whether to use before or after peels, extractions and/or other treatments.

Panemorfi tip: these masks are great for soothing and reducing inflammation, use after a peel and see the magic happen! (Better results when pores are opened)

The Different Types Of Face Masks And How They Benefit Your Skin.

There are all sorts of face masks on the market, but which ones work and which ones are a waste of money?

There are a few different types of masks that can be effective in treating various skin problems. Jelly masks are good for oily and acne-prone skin, as they help to absorb the oil and remove dead skin cells. Fruit enzyme masks are good for aging skin, as they help to break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. Finally, Rubber masks are ideal for dehydrated and tired skin, as they help to deliver nutrients directly to the skin.

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