Combined value of $3,065

  • Extraction Booth + Spray Tan Machine valued at $2,499.00
  • 6 x Mix ‘n’ Match Pro Spray Mists (1L) valued at $599.94
YOUR PRICE $1,899.00
Tan Easy Tanning Booth All In One Starter Kit

Take Your Salon Business to the Next Level

Why you need the MineTan
Spray Tan Booth Kit

A spray tan machine and clean air overspray extraction in one professional enclosure. Using innovative Micro-Whirlwind Technology it’s the perfect investment for any salon to create a dedicated spray tan area with the latest spray tan technology.

Superior Spray Tan

The very best in extraction technology, gives your clients a more professional and pleasant spray tan experience. Have a professional dedicated spray tan area in your salon that enables you to deliver the best spray tan results with natural light replication, powerful extraction and an ergonomic design so you can create the ultimate spray tan experience for your customers.

No Overspray

The All in One Booth has 4 fans from top to bottom (most other brands only have 2 or 3!). 4 fans from top to bottom ensures overspray is extracted evenly. The aerodynamic curved chamber funnels extraction, generating airflow into a cyclone. Industry strength extraction via the top and bottom fans extracts the overspray and generates clean air.

Instant Profit Potential
This kit is a money maker! Let’s do the math…

  • The Spray Tan Booth Kit comes with 6 litres of Spray Tan Solution
  • Each litre will give you an average of 22 spray tans
  • 22 spray tans x 6 litres = 132 spray tans
  • If you were to charge $40 per spray tan that’s $5,280 in revenue

Leaving you with $3,381 in PROFIT


Designed for Professional Tanning Technicians
Made for the experts by the experts

Natural Light Replication

Lighting is critical when it comes to creating the perfect tan. The LED downlight diffuses the most natural light around the body of your client, allowing you to see your work as easily as if you where under a blue sky. Tuned at 5,780 degrees Kelvin, this light is the same bright white natural color as the sun’s ray

Ergonomic Design:
More Room to Move

Instead of curving outward at the base in a full circle, like traditional tanning booths, the All in One Booth features a half moon cut out. This enables you to stand in close to your client, without sacrificing your client’s space within the booth. Being able to stand where you want (and need to be) is essential to creating the perfect spray tan.

Complete Control:
All in One Switch

Quickly and easily control the entire booth with the touch of a button. Switching the booth on automatically turns on the extraction fans, LED lights and spray tan machine. The switch is easily accessible at mid height so there is no need to bend down to turn the machine on. Then when you are finished spray tanning, simply turn off the booth with the flick of a switch.

Powerful 4 Fan Extraction

Industry strength extraction powered by 4 fans
to generate powerful clean air.

Quick Change Filters

Cleaning the extraction fan filters is as easy as it gets. Easily slip the filter out from the secure lip and then slip in your new filter. No cumbersome covers or screws. In less than 2 minutes you can replace your filters and get spray tanning again.


Beats a Tent or a Screen Anyday!

  • The All in One Booth has a roof meaning no overspray on your walls – a screen cannot eliminate this
  • No machine on floor, no hose getting tangled and the applicator can rest in the booth – very easy to find.
  • Create a dedicated spray tan area immediately! There’s no need to spend money on tiling an area or a dedicated room. Can be put in the same room with other treatments.
  • Powerful in built extraction gives customers a more professional and pleasant experience
  • Small Salon Footprint: Unlike most machines or tents, the All in One Booth focuses on minimizing the use of space.
  • It takes up almost 50% less space than a tent or screen while offering more room than a tent for clients to lift and outstretch their arms. This also gives you more room to move & work in

Create the Perfect Spray Tan

Excess 3 Applicator Gun features a stainless steel trigger, pin and variable dial to allow you to adjust the spray volumes and is ideal for faster application techniques

Detachable: can be removed easily if need to be used for mobile tanning

Ultra fine spray mist for accurate and even streak-free spray tanning that is free of blotches or splatters

Uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates a continuous stream of smooth air for a more constant flow pattern for accurate, streak-free tanning

With the Best Solutions



Easy 20min Set Up

Assembling the Tan.Easy All In One Booth is simple, requiring only two people and 20 minutes or less. The booth is delivered to your door in a flat packed box, making it easily transportable to the desired location. No bulky, heavy, or complicated parts – simply assemble and start delivering the perfect tan in no time