Mancine Strip Wax

Mancine reliable trusted brand & Innovator

Mancine waxing blueprint guarantees that only the highest quality ingredients are used. Every batch is clinically tested to meet stringent standards. Great care is taken to ensure all Mancine customers enjoy the best quality products at an affordable price.

Mancine’s breakthrough hair removal waxing systems bring together professional salon skills with Mancine’s latest technology, leaving customers with amazing results that Mancine believe are the most effective in the world.

Strip Wax

The Mancine organic range of soft strip waxes have been developed to deliver out-standing results. Their exclusive formulas depend on the use of only the highest quality ingredients. Mancine Strip waxes are extremely hygienic and spread further than other waxes. Mancine Strip waxes reduce treatment time and last longer, enabling more treatments per day which can increase profits.

Ultra Strip Wax

Mancine Ultra wax ranges unique plastic texture makes our Ultra waxes ultra-flexible, have a powerful grip, and perfect for waxing. Ultra waxes have a low melting point, are odorless, and will last one and a half times longer than most organic waxes. Ultra waxes are suitable for all skin types, great for sensitive areas reducing redness with hypoallergenic properties.

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