KIEHL Professional Tools

The KIEHL range of products has a long history of excellence. Founded in 1793, making surgical instruments in the world-famous city of Solingen in Germany, KIEHL has continued to manufacture beauty tools using the German philosophy that precision and accuracy will be the benchmark for perfection.

All KIEHL tools are manufactured with great care and pride. So much so, that the company owner, Thomas Lang, guarantees all his tools for 5 years against any manufacturing fault. All tweezers will be precise and grip hair without breakage or twist. All cuticle nippers are guaranteed to remain ultra-sharp for 5 years if not mis-handled.

The materials used are of the highest quality. Stainless cobalt steel ensures that they will survive autoclaves and disinfectants without damage.

Many beauty therapists and lash technicians claim these tools to be the best in the world. When you use them, you too will become a loyal KIEHL family member.

Cuticle Nippers

These ergonomically designed cuticle nippers are unique to KIEHL.

They are made from homogenised Cobalt and Steel to produce tools of outstanding quality and performance. Due to a special hardening procedure, they have a very long lifetime.

The blades are sharpened by hand using over 90 working steps which brings them to a maximum of sharpness and precision. Because the jaws meet accurately and evenly, the nipper cuts the cuticles very precisely and cleanly.

KIEHL proudly guarantees these cuticle nippers will cut cleanly and remain sharp for 5 years. (Naturally, if they are misused or dropped, the guarantee is voided.)

Available in different jaw lengths (2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm), KIEHL nippers have a size that works for you.

Cuticle Nippers Sterilisation

Before placing the nippers in an autoclave, please clean them in water using a soft brush to remove any foreign substances and particles. Spray or bathe the nippers in a disinfectant and rinse with water.

Place the nippers into the autoclave ensuring that they do not touch other instruments which may affect the blade’s sharpness. As a safety precaution, always ensure that nippers are not stored with other tools or nippers which may have contact with the sharp blades.

The autoclave process will diminish the oil lubricant that was placed into the nipper joint during manufacture. Naturally, some re-oiling will be required after many sessions in an autoclave. Please do not use oils that contain any (artificial or natural) resins. KIEHL has an oil specifically for lubricating these beautiful tools. If you use an autoclave, replenishing the lubricant is a must.

During the autoclave procedure, please ensure that inferior metal instruments are not included as the KIEHL nippers may be damaged as oxidising particles from the lesser quality instrument will settle down electro-chemically on KIEHL’s higher class steel.

Cuticle Nippers Care and Storage

The KIEHL nippers are of extraordinary quality. If dropped, the point may be damaged and the nippers may become misaligned, depending on the height they drop from.

NEVER cut anything else except cuticles. The blade will be damaged permanently if the nippers are used incorrectly. Knowing that other people may not understand the exceptionally high quality of the KIEHL nipper, it is highly recommended that your clippers should NEVER be used by another person. Do not leave them lying about and do not loan them to anyone else.

Wipe the nippers with a soft cloth, disinfect them and place them in a case or wrap them and place them away from other instruments. Protect the blade at all times. There is a case specially made for cuticle nipper storage and it is recommended that you use these always.

Treat these nippers as your “personal” professional tools and they will provide you with long term satisfaction.


Kiehl Tweezers

Whilst KIEHL has a large extensive range of specialist tools, we have decided to range a small group of KIEHL Tweezers specifically for Australian technicians. From everyday ergonomic and epilation tweezers, through to professional lash tweezers, superior Ceramic/Diamond lash tweezers, superb volume tweezers and onto the super precise isolation tweezers.

All tweezers come with a 5-year guarantee against faults in workmanship. Each tweezer is guaranteed to align perfectly and maintain its closed grip. Without a doubt, there is no other tweezer better than KIEHL.

Everyday Tweezers

1285 Slant Epilation Tweezer

Classic slanted tweezers. Its wide tip allows you to work faster. Extra smooth working to avoid tired hands.

Ideal for large surfaces and eyebrows.

1406 Slant Ergonomic

Tweezers with new ergonomic shape. With ultrafine structured slanted tip. Ideal for finest details, eyelashes and eyebrows.

1402 Ultrafine Tip Ergonomic

Tweezers with new ergonomic shape. With ultrafine structured pointed tip. With ultra-grip embossing inside of the tip. Ideal for finest details, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Professional Lash Tweezers

1456 C-Type Pointed tip with internal gripping surface of around .7mm to .8mm

1453 I-Type Pointed tip with internal gripping surface of around .7mm to .8mm

1450 Extra Fine Thin Point with 1mm gripping surface. Can be used as Isolation Tweezers.

1451 Fine Thin Point with 1mm gripping surface but with a more solid tip for more resistance. Can be used as Isolation Tweezers.

Ceramic/Diamond Lash Tweezers

These extraordinary tweezers have extremely fine tips that are covered on the inside with a very fine layer of Diamond-Ceramic grit.

The grip is increased in such a way that not even the tiniest hair can slip out once the tweezer is closed.

Even though the grip surface is small, the coating allows lashes of different thicknesses to be handled with confidence.

1285c Ceramic Diamond Slant Tweezer has an ultra-fine slanted tip with a special anti-glide surface on the outside for maximum grip

1451c Ceramic Diamond Fine Point Tweezer with ultra-fine pointed tip

1453c Ceramic Diamond i-Type Tweezer with ultra-fine pointed tip

1456c Ceramic Diamond c-Type Tweezer has an increased grip surface for assembly of several lashes.

Volume Tweezers

1477 J-Type These assembly tweezers have a tip that closes on a large surface with length to provide good pressure onto the full surface of the tip.

14w7 J-Type These super grip tweezers are designed for the volume-technique and excellent for fan lashes. Whilst the tip is small at 3mm it has a very solid feel.

14w3 J-Type This tweezer is excellent for the wiggle-technique with a very long inner fixation area inside the tip.

Super Isolation Tweezer

14i1 Isolation Tweezer is a uniquely pointed tweezer. It has a micro pointed tip that is specifically made to spread and isolate lashes.

It does not have a large enough surface to grip the lash. It is a specialist tool and works outstandingly as an isolation tweezer.

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