KIEHL Professional Bodycare Instruments

What is KIEHL?

KIEHL are Professional Bodycare Instruments and accessories. 

In 1793 the KIEHL family started the production of surgical instruments based on newly developed technologies of steel forming in Solingen, Germany. During the 19th century they started manufacturing instruments and scissors and became one of the leading producers of quality surgical implements. In the early 20th century the company focused on the production of manicure tools and tweezers and developed the technology of making diamond covered nail files.

KIEHL manufactures specialised bodycare implements of unique perfection. The quality of KIEHL implements will ensure you will never want to use anything other than KIEHL.

KIEHL uses only the highest grade of materials that allows the optimal combination of hardness and elasticity. KIEHL implements are hand fixed and sharpened from experienced specialists. Permanent quality control and careful manufacturing lead to a product, that satisfies even the highest of demands.

What sets KIEHL above the rest?

KIEHL instruments have a 5-year guarantee

  • The lifetime of the instrument becomes almost endless.
  • An extremely hygienic surface with a lotus effect 
  • The implements stand temperatures up to 350 Celsius 
  • Extreme resistance against salts, acids and other aggressive chemicals 
  • Sure, prevention from allergies or reactions with the human body.

The outstanding technical performance and standard of hygiene make the Titancarbonide Line to a first-choice line of instrument. They provide the outmost precision for difficult treatments, assure long-life and the maximum standard of hygiene possible. 

As Hard as Diamonds

Due to recently developed high-end surface, these instruments offer a surface quality as hard as a diamond. It consists of exceedingly small diamond particles, which are embedded in a surrounding of titanium and graphite. The most remarkable example of this is KIEHL’s range of nippers with a cover of Tintancarbonide that makes the surface of our tools as hard as diamonds.

KIEHL Cuticle Nippers

The KIEHL selection of cuticle nippers are unique in quality. The blades are sharpened by hand in more than 90 working steps and brought to a maximum of sharpness and precision. They cut the cuticles clean and carefully every time. Our wide range of shapes, jaw-lengths and jaw-forms offers every professional technician a remarkable quality for universally recognised results. 


  • Nippers are made of a latest technology, homogenate Cobalt steel. It is hardened in various steps up to a hardness of 56 HRC which is more than any other nippers.


  • In many years KIEHL developed a technology to sharpen this product in more than 130 working steps on a stone. This sharpening method is exceedingly difficult. But the result is a jaw of unique sharpness. It is extremely thin and smooth on the inside.
  • KIEHL’s exceptionally smooth surface means the cuticles no longer stick on the blade. 
  • The jaws are grinded in a parallel way so that they cut on the full length of the blade


  • The highly alloy cobalt steel is autoclavable up to 320 degree centigrade and can stand all common disinfection liquids. 

KIEHL Tweezers

KIEHL is your expert in professional tweezers. For almost 200 years KIEHL has been producing tweezers that are used in many different services and purposes. All Stainless-steel tweezers are autoclavable and disinfectable which is everything our beauty profession demands.

KIEHL’s finest tip slanted tweezers are covered with an outstanding choice of precious metals in a modern semi-matted finish. These tweezers are a real eye-catcher for customers who are looking for the extraordinary high-quality professional brow tool.

KIEHL’s new ergonomic shaped tweezers are ultra-fine structured pointed or slanted tip. With ultra-grip embossing inside of the tip theses tweezers are Ideal for the finest of details.

Diamond tweezers

KIEHL have combined experience and innovative technologies into the production of tweezers. The result are outstanding, the extremely fine tips of these tweezers are covered on the inside with a layer of an exceptionally fine grit Diamond- Ceramic. This increases the grip in such a way that not even the tiniest hair can slip out once the tweezers are closed. This enables the technician to work quickly and with extreme precision. The unique coating of diamonds embedded in ceramic on the inside of the tips of this range of tweezers ensures outstanding performance. 

This tweezer is outstanding in many ways: 


  • Diamond-Ceramic Coating inside of the tip for maximum grip 
  • New engraved anti-glide surface exterior for perfect handling 
  • Exceptionally fine and accurate slanted tips 
  • 100% suitable for all types of sterilisation – even for autoclave 
  • Free of nickel 
  • 5 year guarantee 
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