Henna Eyebrows

Henna Eyebrows

Henna is a beauty trend which is continually growing.

Henna is a small flowering shrub, it’s leaves are dried and turned into a fine powder. When the henna powder is combined with water, it turns into a paste which is either smooth or slightly gritty. 

Henna is a natural dye which will dye hair and stain the skin temporarily.  The result is the illusion of depth and fullness in the brow area.

When choosing the right Henna powder you should consider

  1. High-Quality
  2. Pigments
  3. Ingredients
  4. Coverage

The main differences between eyebrow Tint & Henna is

  1. Tint only colours the skin at the surface
  2. Tint lasts on the skin for a period of a few days
  3. Henna colour can stay on the surface of the skin for approximately two weeks (this may vary slightly for everyone)
  4. Henna will fill in gaps in the eyebrow where hair is sparse or missing


Elleebana’s innovative formula helps to enhance the natural shape of the eyebrows.

Henna is a great alternative to brow tinting with no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide needed to process the colour.

Elleebana’s Brow Henna colouring agents are derived from a Henna plant.

Henna acts like a blanket over the hair and provides a coating to the hair shaft, this helps to give the appearance of a thicker, softer and smoother eyebrow.

Some benefits of henna tinting with Elleebana:

  • Natural eyebrow tinting with tattoo effect on the skin
  • 7 highly pigmented colours
  • 98% Natural based
  • Low cost per application
  • Over 100 applications per bottle
  • Gentle and innovative formulation
  • Stays on hair for up to 6 weeks
  • Vegan and Cruelty free


The system consists of 5 natural shades of henna derived from the native plant of India, Lawsonia Inermis. A simple and easy to use system where all you need to add is water!

Le Marque henna can last up to 5 weeks provided the user has followed all steps and procedures with the complete Le Marque Professional Brow Design System.

Le Marque Henna range includes:

  • Five shades of Henna, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown & Blonde
  • Brow Cleanser which is recommended for use prior to Le Marque Henna application or waxing. Contains Cetrimide BP to help remove oils, makeup, bacteria and perspiration from the skin and hairs for a better stain
  • Brow Nourishing Oil is A blend of essentials oils designed to lock in henna colour and nourish and protect eyebrows
  • Le Marque 500g Brow Hot Wax is a combination of natural & mineral based resins combined with micro mica, this superior hot wax offers the best of both worlds!
  • Each box color contains 12 sachets, measuring scoop, mixing cup, airtight storage bottle & product guide
  • Rose Gold Tweezers
  • Rose Gold Scissors
  • Dual Action Henna Brush
  • Brow Waxing Spatulas
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