Facial Mask Treatments

Why do we use face masks Professionally & for Retail?

The application of a mask to the area complements the previous treatment applications. As many as three different types of masks can be applied to suit different skin conditions on the face! The eyes and lips should also be treated with creams or specialised mask applications.

Masks may be applied either after complete removal of the massage medium, or when the massage medium is still on the skin so it can provide further nourishment to the surface layer of the epidermis (in a professional Treatment). For retail benefits masks may be applied after cleansing & toning the skin or after exfoliation.

The action from a face mask can last from several hours to several days and has the following benefits (depending on the mask you use or what is needed for your skin):

  • stimulates
  • soothes
  • refines
  • regenerates
  • desquamates (exfoliates)
  • nourishes
  • bleaches

There are three basic types of masks:

  • Setting masks, usually made from clay-based products
  • Non-setting masks usually made from creams or gels
  • Specialised masks such as paraffin wax or latex


ANESI is a Greek word meaning ‘comfort or pleasure’ to evoke a sense of beauty and well-being that is still at the heart of the brand philosophy today.

ANESI is a cosmeceutical range from Spain and manufactured by DRV-Phytolab group and is a global leader to professionals in the beauty world for over 40 years. Formulations are developed & manufactured under strict quality control. The laboratories are certified to guarantee the highest quality.

ANESI LAB products are developed with the highest percentage of active ingredients chosen for their potency and efficiency, blended with luxurious cutting-edge formulas and unique fragrances. Anesi work with biotechnological and botanical actives, encapsulated for a time-release action to ensure maximum benefits with visible and lasting changes in the skin. Anesi’s beauty rituals with wellness massage protocols visibly renew and improve the appearance of the skin, combined with experience for truly remarkable results.

Gel Oxygénant 200ml (Professional use only)

Multipurpose unique oil free gel to improve cellular oxygenation for all skin types. Tissue Respiratory factors to improve cellular respiration to help oxygenation and stimulate collagen synthesis. Calms and soothes skin, reducing redness.

Ingredients: Oxylastil: (Soy derivative) activates cellular respiration and energises cellular activity.

Dermal Respiratory Factor: (Biotechnological active) activates cellular respiration. Organic Silicon: Rich in free radical fighting properties.

* Ideal to use for any sign of redness*

Masque Vidalys 10x25ml Sachet (Professional use only)

Refreshing and decongesting emulsified gel mask. Optimises the absorption of the active ingredients in the Complexe Aqua Vital. Soothes and hydrates.

Ingredients: 3D Hydra APS Celldetox®

Almond: Actively fights against skin irritation caused by pollution

Horse Chestnut Extract: capillary resistance.

Vitamin E: Antioxidant. Vitamin A: Regenerating.

* Mix with Complexe Aqua Vital ampoule for a deeper moisturising experience. *

Aqua Vital Peeling Enzymatique Mask 500gm (Professional use only)

‘Peel-off’ alginate Salon mask to absorb and eliminate impurities from oily, congested or unbalanced skins. A cooling, soothing mask that tightens pores, absorbs excess oil and restores a clear pH balanced complexion. Boosts penetration of actives from Lotion Active due to occlusive effect.


Alginate: Rich in calcium sulphate, sodium alginate and organic salt.

Horse Tail Fern: Rich in silicon, mineralising, astringent and stimulating to keep skin supple.

Masque Lissant 200ml (Professional use only)

Stimulating and Anti-aging Mask with key active ingredients that have been specially selected for this line. Hydrating, nourishing and regenerating giving instant visible results, fresh and flawless complexion also giving a soft and firm looking skin.


Dermolectine: Plant Glyco-protein stimulates the skin cellular renewal and respiration.

Reductine: Rich in polysaccharides and small proteins provides hydrating and firmness and provides the skin with the necessary nutrients for regeneration.

Hydroxyprolisilane C: fights aging and restores the skin’s permeability.

Liposiliol C: fights the negative effects of free radicals.

Harmonie Coffret Tendresse (Professional use only)

Is an intensive treatment for skins that need regeneration.  A microcirculation improvement to reduce redness after or during treatments. Harmonie Tendresse helps to calm, protect, strengthen, balance, hydrate and repair the skin.


Indian Incense: reduces irritation effects of extreme pHs.

Licorice Extract: Anti-inflammatory.

White Willows: boosts cellular defence mechanisms.

Hypericum oil: Softening, anti-aging, antiseptic, regenerating and reconstructing.

Oligophycocorail: Protects and increases the skin’s immunological defences. 


High performance, professional treatment formulated cosmeceutical complexes that repair and conserve the skins youth code. Reduces aggressiveness of free radicals, accelerates re-epithelization of the epidermis and moisturises and stabilises the hydrolipidic mantle.


Polilift: vegetal active with immediate lifting and firming action.

Vegetensor:Natural polysaccharide presenting gelling properties that form over the skin providing soft, supple and firming with a lifting effect.

Sodium DNA: Tissue regenerator on the basic composition of DNA inhibiting the formulation of elatases and hyaluronidase.

Collagen: Gives strength and provides structure, high moisturising power due to the fact it can absorb 40-60 times its weight in fluid.


Formulated with an exclusive and unique active ingredient originating from space and over 4.5 billion years old: METEORITE EXTRACT Increases skin density to visibly fill wrinkles, deeply repairs the skin, increases skin barrier protection and restores collagen and elastin fiber complex.


Hematite extract: Rich in iron, refills wrinkles from within.

Rodochrosite extract: Protects cells against U.V exposure.

Olivine extract: a mineral from volcanic origin promotes anti-stress effects.

Smithsonite extract: rich in Zinc helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots.


Incorporates the latest technology in plant stem cells to reverse chronological ageing and the deterioration of our skin stem cells, epidermis regeneration and the proper fibroblasts function, essential in the collagen formation.

Although vitamin C is a very popular active ingredient in cosmetics, the lack of stability has always been a concern but the stability of Stay C makes it possible to use in high percentages.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): skin lightening and rebuild healthy collagen fibers.

Orange Extract: A natural source of vitamin C, one of the most important antioxidants for protecting the skin, enhances the production of collagen in fibroblasts.

Masque Vitalite (Professional & retail use)

An authentic hydration bath thanks to the innovative polarized water active ingredient. In 10-15 minutes, this mask smoothes the skin for a gratifying micro-relief. Brings luminosity and unifies the skin’s tone for a softer feel.


3D Hydra APS: Latest generation active ingredient for deep moisturisation in the skin

Celldetox®: Natural ingredient with detoxifying properties.

DSH CN: Bio-technological mixture between Organic silicol and Hyaluronic acid with a great moisturizing, regenerating, and restructuring action

Apricot Nut Oil: Dry oil, not oily, with a light texture and quick absorption

Vitamin E: To moisturise and nourish the skin without the oily feeling.

Masque Capital Sérénité 50ml Retail only

Soothing and deeply hydrating cream mask. A symphony of soothing actives that bathe the skin in wellness and hydration. Reduces redness and strengthens weakened skin barriers leaving the skin extremely soft.


Gatuline RP Aloe vera Chamomile Ginkgo Biloba: Decongesting.

Oligo Phycocorail: (Pink seaweed)

*Tips for masks

Use weekly to restore radiance.

Can be used as an immediate SOS treatment to calm the skin quickly, after sun exposure. To replenish very dry sensitive skins, use as overnight treatment *


Jozelle founded by Mr. John Wurzel, is a privately owned, Australian company established in 1979 as a supply company to beauty therapists. He is a trained beauty therapist, electrologist and red vein therapist and holds a Diploma of Marketing, with a dedicated interest in cosmetic chemistry, makeup and formulations. He travels overseas regularly to keep up with the latest trends in all aspects of his business.

Combining advanced German formula with traditional Chinese medicine theory, Jozelle soft masks contain natural medicine such as Pearl, Ginseng, and Chinese Angelica as its essential ingredients. The natural algae molecule can absorb and release large quantities of nutrients and water into the skin. The masks have excellent absorbability and contractility which helps to deep clean the pores whilst lifting the skin.

May contain traces of seafoods!



Acne is caused by a plug of keratin and sebum within a hair follicle. Chlorhexidine acetate and sulphur containing formula has a soothing and antiseptic effect. It deep cleanses the pores to help control oil. Skin feels wonderfully smooth and incredibly clean.

Ingredients: Chlorhexidine Acetate, Sulphur, Algae Gel, Humectants, Etc.


Chinese Angelica contains various amino acids, vitamin A, B & E, cocklebur, etc. Provides skin with energy and protection. Cocklebur is anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic, which guards against fungal infections of the skin. Prevents pigmentation, fades freckles, age spots and dark flaws. Ingredients: Angelica Powder, Cocklebur, Algae Gel, Humectants, etc


Green Tea is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Bacteriostatic helps to prevent pigmentation. You will see a noticeably more lifted look, brilliant clarity and a newly refined smoothness.

Ingredients: Green Tea Polyphenols, Algae Gel, Humectants, Etc


Rose is suitable for sensitive skin types, locks in moisture and has anti-allergenic properties. Rose essential oil can regulate sensitive and dehydrated skin. Rapidly boosts skin’s moisture level, restoring balance to comfort, soften and smoothness. Ingredients: Rose Essential Oil, Algae Gel, Humectants, Etc.


Spirulina adds nourishment, prevents pigmentation and anti-ageing. Spirulina is rich in carotene and SOD. Provides immediate hydration to rejuvenate tired skin. Works from within to leave skin looking and feeling young, clear and rested. Ingredients: Spirulina Essence, Algae Gel, Humectants, Etc.


Vitamin C – Whitening and Moisturizing. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and shields skin from sun and environmental damage. Significantly improves face complexion. Keeps skin clean, fresh and bright. Ingredients: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Vitamin C, Algae Gel, Humectants. Etc


Rich in Minerals which can help skin build up self-resistance and effectively improve the allergic condition of the skin. Multiple active ingredients absorb quickly. Instantly moisturises dry, delicate skin and reduces redness.

Ingredients: Volcano Mud, Bentonite, Algae Gel, Humectants, Etc


Orange flower is suitable for sensitive skins, strengthens elasticity and is anti-ageing. Triggers the natural repair process of skin to revitalize tired skin. Increases the content of natural collagen and elastin, restoring the skin’s elasticity and helping to repair the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Ingredients: Orange Flower Essential Oil, Algae Gel, Humectants, etc.


Rose flower is designed to penetrate up to 10 surface layers which hydrate thirsty cells for a radiant complexion that glows. Your skin will immediately look beautiful & healthy.

Ingredients: Rose Petal, Algae Gel, Humectants, Etc.


Sheet masks are the beauty trend that is here to stay…

BeautyPro range is manufactured in South Korea noted as a leading global innovator in the K-Beauty trend of sheet masks. BeautyPro products are cruelty free, scientifically formulated and dermatologically tested to provide only the highest quality & outstanding results.

BeautyPro is a multiple award-winning range of skin care sheet masks developed for both Men and Women. The BeautyPro Sheet Mask range consists of products for the face, under eyes, neck, hands and feet to target anti-ageing concerns. Sheet Masks are a combination of marine collagen with skin rejuvenating key vitamins, herbs and botanicals for improved skin tone and complexion. BeautyPro’s vision continues to be a market leading brand in innovation and unique products.

Complete range of problem-solving products in the form of a sheet mask! Genius….. 

Dermatologically Tested

✔ Natural botanicals and vitamins

✔ Paraben free formulas

✔ For professional use or retailing

REJUVENATING (collagen mask with Green tea extract)

Dual function: Rebalancing & Anti-Ageing

● Rebalances oily t-zones

● Hydrates dry areas

● Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

BRIGHTENING (Collagen Mask with Vitamin C)

Dual function: Brightening & Anti-aging

● Brightens complexion

● Improves elasticity

● Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

NOURISHING (Collagen Mask with Olive Extract)

Dual function: Deeply Moisturising & Anti-aging

● Deeply nourishes dehydrated, thirsty skin

● Regenerates skin cells while protecting

● Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

PURIFYING 3D CLAY MASK (with activated charcoal)

Dual function: Cleansing & Purifying

● Mess-free clay mask

● Deep pore and blackhead cleansing

● Tightens pores

● Hydrates skin

LIFTING 3D CLAY MASK (with Calamine)

Dual function: Cleansing & Tightening

● Mess-free clay mask

● Deep cleansing formulation

● Tightens pores

● Brightens complexion

● Hydrates skin

● Improves skin clarity, tone and elasticity

TURMERIC INFUSED (with sugar cane & Soya bean)

Dual function: Anti-aging & brightening

● Encourages cell renewal

● Anti-oxidising formula

● Leaves skin hydrated & radiant


Dual function: Anti-aging & Cell Renewing

● Vegan friendly sheet mask.

● Boosts complexion.

● Cell renewing.

● Anti-ageing formula.

AVOCADO INFUSED (with Chia & Wild Yam)

Dual function: Hydrating & Nourishing

● Hydrates and repairs skin

● Anti-ageing formula

● Protects skin from the elements

ROSE INFUSED (with Chamomile & Seaweed)

Dual function: Hydrating & Calming

● Soothes irritation

● Anti-inflammatory formula

● Minimises redness

HERB INFUSED (with Rosemary, Chamomile & Noni Juice)

Dual function: Rejuvenating & Brightening

● Minimises pores

● Brightens complexion

● Provides deep hydration

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