Dipping Powder Systems

What Are Dipping Powders?

  • A revolutionary nail system with the benefits and strength of acrylic
  • Finely milled acrylic powders in a vast range of colours
  • Dipping powder gives a flawless, lightweight, long lasting, high shine look.
  • OPI Powder Perfection & Gelish dip ranges have matching gel & lacquers
  • There is no need for LED/UV lights to cure the products
  • Cured with an activator and finished with a topcoat.
  • Perfect treatment for natural nails or, with tip extensions.

Why is there an increased interest in dipping systems?

  • Similar benefits to acrylics but with low airborne dust
  • Odour-free (vs. acrylics)
  • Easier, faster application (vs. acrylics)
  • Weightless gel-like feel (vs. heavier acrylics)
  • No UV/led light needed
  • Soak-off removal

How long does dipping powder last on nails?

  • Dipping powders provide added strength and durability for up to 2+ weeks of wear and shine.

Is dip bad for your nails?

  • Of course not! Especially if your nails have a tendency to break.
  • Dipping powder can provide extra strength and durability so nails can grow longer and stop breaking.
  • Preparation & removal steps have suggested file grits from very fine to gritty.
  • Like any nail treatment, follow the steps & use the correct tools 


Base Coat is an adhesive so excess residue on the neck of the bottle will set, making it extremely difficult to open. To prevent this make sure you wipe the neck of the bottle before sealing.

  • Applied directly to the natural nail or tip if applying extensions.
  • The tip for base coat is to keep it thin to eliminate wrinkles when you dip.
  • Base coat is what the powder will absorb into. It appears frosty until the final step of Top Coat
  • Working 2-4 nails at a time means the base coat won’t dry before being dipped.


If too much activator or sealer is applied to the nail, the next layer of base or top coat will not set

  • Applied after the final dip of colour powder to set the base coat & colour
  • It is a watery consistency so wipe excess off brush so it doesn’t pool in cuticle or side walls
  • It is applied a second time with some brands after Clear Set powders & before Top Coat.


It’s important to make sure you have buffed out any ridges or pits before applying a top coat. It will just accentuate them otherwise

  • Final step for high impact shine
  • Ensure there are no residue from buffing as this will show in the finished look.
  • Make sure there is no moisture from rinsing in the sink or wiping over the nail.
  • or moisture on the nail before applying
  • Apply & allow 1-2 minute dry time between the two coats.
  • Apply a second coat & allow 2 minutes to dry before wiping residue off
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For hygienic practice, it is suggested to scoop an amount of powder into small glass or disposable dishes as necessary. 

  • Creates a protective layer that allows for smoothing and shaping, without impacting the colour result
  • Clear powder can be used for an all-natural look
  • 1 layer is applied for all Powder Perfection services


For hygienic practice, it is suggested to scoop an amount of powder into small glass or disposable dishes as necessary. 

  • French powders
  • Whites – Alpine Snow, Funny Bunny, Arctic Freeze & Clear as Day
  • Pinks – Bubble Bath, Passion, Samoan Sand, Simple Sheer & Sheer & Silk


For hygienic practice, it is suggested to scoop an amount of powder into small glass or disposable dishes as necessary.

  • Pigment intense for stay-true colour vibrancy
  • Ultra-fine milled powder for even colour coverage
  • Two coats of colour recommended
  • 2 layers of powder applied for ideal perfection

Not shiny enough?

  • Precise shaping and contouring will result in a high shine finish.
  • The shine is what the naked eye recognizes by the highlight shown on the nail after Top Coat has been applied
  • Highlights re reflect straight down the nail.
  • Broken or Ridged highlights won’t be fixed by applying more layers of Top Coat.

Base coat brush hardening?

  • Commonly happens when proper dry time between steps isn’t applied
  • Brush off the excess powder on the nail after each layer of Base Coat & Powder.
  • Pay particular attention to the area around the cuticle!

Cloudy finish?

  • The first layer of Activator is applied before shaping and contouring.
  • The nail surface will be bumpy with a lot of nooks and crannies for the Activator to fall into in order to truly cover the entire surface of the nail.
  • Treat this first layer of Activator as if you were applying a base coat to a client with many ridges.

Top coat brush hardening?

  • The Activator needs to fully dry before contouring.
  • It’s easy to assume the Activator is quick-drying because it has the consistency of Bond-Aid or Nail Dehydrator, very watery.
  • We recommend waiting 2 to 3 minutes then wipe the nail with N.A.S.99 or Isopropyl alcohol before starting the contouring step & BEFORE applying Top
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