COVID-19 and Waxing with Mancine

Why choose Mancine?

Mancine recognises OH&S for Covid-19 in waxing services. The safety of salons and their customers is something we need to thoroughly be aware of.  This is where wax cartridges or roll on waxing systems can play a huge role in providing waxing treatments while at the same time protecting the health and safety of everyone including our industry which certainly took a hard hit this year.

Benefits of Cartridge wax

  • Hygienic
  • No double dipping
  • Head of cartridge can be cleaned and sanitised between clients
  • Roll on systems are designed so no wax roll back into the cartridge

Quick & easy for large areas meaning customers do not have to be in the treatment room as long

Mancine Roll on Wax

Mancine wax Cartridges or Roll On waxes make waxing quick, clean and easy. A beginner can be up and running within an hour, an experienced waxer within ten minutes tops!!

Mancine roll on wax means no drips, no mistakes and no burns. Wax is applied at just the right temperature and thickness for perfect results every time.

Available in most Mancine formulas. Effective & efficient for Legs, Arms, Chest, Back, Underarms

Mancine Roll on waxes are extremely hygienic and spread further than other waxes

Mancine Cartridges

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