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Waking up beautiful every morning is an achievable dream when you have got glamorous eyes. Bronsun has a one-of-its-kind gel dye with henna effect, and it is revolutionising the beauty industry.

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This highly pigmented tint not only dyes hair, but it also stains the skin making it longer lasting and great for covering any gaps in your brows. Glow up without damaging your hair structure with Bronsun tint's ammonia-free formula.

What is Bronsun brow dye?

The hybrid dye has 7 bright colours and an unlimited number of options for mixing, matching, and creating new shades if you are creative like that. With Bronsun, you can achieve the perfect eyebrow or lash tint that lets you wake up beautiful every morning and genuinely flaunt the no make-up look. Whether you're a beauty professional or just looking for a new way to express yourself, Bronsun is the perfect solution.

What makes Bronsun stand out in the market is that it is the only tint that gives a similar result to brow henna tint. The brand uses only the best quality of highly pigmented dye that stains not only your brow or lash hair, but also the skin. This allows for an intense look. Despite that, it is gentler on your hair as compared to other popular tinting products. 

For regular users of eyebrow and eyelash tint, it can be very frustrating to have leaking dye around your eyebrows or lashes during the application process. However, Bronsun tint’s gel texture makes it ideal for easy and neat application, preventing the stain from leaking onto the surrounding skin. So, you see, Bronsun is popular for more than a number of reasons, and is a great choice of product for anyone who is serious about maintaining their look. 

How to use Bronsun brow dye?

The Bronsun tint is very simple to use. When you get yourself a Bronsun eyelash and eyebrow tint, it comes with an easy-to-follow set of instructions. The great part is that preparing this eyebrow tint does not require you to spend a lot on other products; simply order a Bronsun starter tint kit for an economic and quick application. The kit contains all the products you would need to get started, including a tint colour tube, a measuring cup, oxidant milk (to activate the dye), and a microfiber lint. You simply need to mix the correct amount of the tint and the activator in the cup as mentioned in the instructions on the product, apply the prepared tint to your eyebrows or eyelashes (ensuring to place protective pads around the area to avoid accidental smudging during the application), and then let it sit for the prescribed amount of time. You can leave it on longer for a darker result, but it is generally not advised unless you have been using the tint regularly. Then, simply wipe off the tint and be amazed at the reflection in your mirror. 

How long does Bronsun tint last?

Like henna tints, Bronsun tint lasts for a longer time than traditional dyes. The dye is of great quality and has you covered (pun intended) for up to to 7 weeks! To be precise, the stain stays on the eyebrows and lash hair for up to 7 days, and on the skin for up to 7 weeks.

More impressively, one tube of the tint should be enough for up to 40 uses! That makes Bronsun easy on your pockets, too, while being gentle on your hair and skin. If you are not sure whether you would need that many applications and are worried that the rest of the tube would go to waste if not regularly used, you can put your mind at ease because it has a long shelf life of up to a year even after opening. 

To say the least, Bronsun products offer flexibility, affordability, and effectiveness in its tinting products. 

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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