Anesi Skin Care Workshops in Adelaide

A few weeks ago we completed another training session at National Salon Supplies Adelaide. A great session learning about the effects of active ingredients on our skin cells.

Our skin is our largest organ which is made up of billions and billions of cells protecting, regulating and providing sensation to our body. For all the therapist out there that missed the class here is a brief run down on what you missed…..
The outer layer of the cell has a flexible membrane which holds together cytoplasm, a clear salt and water gel like substance. Within the Cytoplasm are organelles called Mitrochondia, Ribosomes, Lysosomes and Golgi apparatus, these organelles work together in converting active ingredients (nutrients) into protein and eliminating waste. The DNA within the Nucleus is a complex strand with holds our unique genetic code, this is where the cells are reproduced and this is why it is important to keep the nucleus healthy and damage free.
Anesi Aqua Vital provides two active ingredients working together to strengthen and protect our cells by hydrating the skin at cellular level. By keeping our cells hydrated they will be able to function better therefore being more productive to fight internal and external aggressors..
1- 3D hydration APS. Based on properties of polarised water which is encapsulated in a vehicle of nano size (APS) for it’s penetration into all dimensions, corneal, intercellular and extracellular.
2 Celldetox- Natural active with detoxifier properties. Stimulating natural cellular mechanism to move metabolic waste.


With these two active ingredients found in Anesi Aqua Vital range, the skin’s texture will improve while the skin feels brighter, more uniform and radiant. Salon equipment is optional!

We all want our skin to remain youthful and radiant, by choosing the right active ingredients in our skin care products we are educating our clients on how best to look after and care for their skin.
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