Anesi Skin Care and Cosmeceuticals

Anesi lab Institute is a growing skin care range that has been treating a variety of skin types and conditions for over 40 years.
Based in Spain it is a renowned skin care line focusing on improving the skin from within.
Not only does it have the active ingredients of 3D Hydration and Celldetox but we have over the last few years ventured into the cosmeceutical field.
So what does Cosmeceuticals  mean for you and your clients?
Cosmeceutical is a hybrid word which is a combination of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical.
Cometic definitionrelating to treatment intended to restore or improve a person’s appearance.

Pharmaceutical definitionrelating to medicinal drugs, or their preparation, use, or sale.

Cosmeceuticals means that not only are we improving the stratum corneum layer of the skin but now we are also and most importantly treating the stratum basal layer too. This is a bottom layer of the epidermis where cells multiply and push the older cells to the surface. Receiving active ingredients to this layer enables the cells to multiply and preform at their optimin, therefore giving us healthy younger looking skin. Some of the active ingredients include, Vitamins, Antioxidants and Botanical Extracts.

Anesi Lab Institute (Cosmeceuticals) have 3 key components that assist in the penetration of active ingredients into the Basal layer of the skin.

Nano-molecular: the active ingredients are so small they are able to penetrate deep into the skin.

Encapsulated with Liposomes: a fatty substance encapsulates the active ingredients which allows it to be transported deep into the skin.

Biomimetic: the ability to imitate the biological process or function of the action of that active ingredient, by mimicking the action of that active ingredient it gives us a healthier more youthful skin.

Cosmeceuticals are available in the follow Anesi skin care lines….

Cellular 3


Celestial Secret

Urban Blue Defence (available early 2019)

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