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Whether you’re a professional stylist or someone passionate about achieving salon-quality results at home, our collection of Andis clippers, trimmers, and accessories is designed to empower you to craft your perfect look. With cutting-edge technology, unparalleled durability, and ergonomic designs, Andis products ensure precision and ease for all hair types.

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ProFoil Lithium PLUS Shaver with stand TS2

It has a gold titanium hypoallergenic foil which means the surface will cut with less irritation or bumps left behind

  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery: The Andis ProFoil Lithium PLUS is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery, providing a robust 80 minutes of runtime on a full charge.
  • Hypoallergenic Foil Heads: Designed with ultra-thin, hypoallergenic foil heads, this shaver offers a close shave without irritating the skin.
  • Powerful Rotary Motor: Experience unparalleled power with its high-speed rotary motor. This feature ensures that the shaver glides effortlessly over the skin, cutting through all hair types with precision and ease.
  • Ergonomic Design with Stand: The shaver’s ergonomic design reduces wrist fatigue, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort. The included stand not only provides convenient storage but also ensures that the shaver is always within reach.


  • Versatility in Styling: Whether it’s finishing fades, cleaning up necklines, or eliminating stray hairs, the Andis ProFoil Lithium PLUS is your go-to tool for detailed and precise shaving.
  • Quiet Operation: Engineered to operate quietly, this shaver enhances the professional ambiance of your salon or barbershop, allowing for a more pleasant experience for both you and your clients.

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Slimline Pro Li Cordless Trimmer

Look no further than the Andis Slimline Pro Li Cord/Cordless Trimmer. This trimmer is equipped with an improved rotary motor that provides more speed and power, making it ideal for thick hair. But it’s not just about power – the Lithium-ion battery delivers up to two hours of consistent run time, so you can keep trimming without having to stop and recharge. Plus, the Sugar Skull design is sure to turn heads!

  • Ergonomic, Lightweight Design: Designed to fit snugly in the palm, providing comfort and control even during extended use. Its lightweight nature reduces hand fatigue, enabling stylists to maintain precision in every cut.
  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery: Equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion battery, this trimmer offers consistent power and torque. It ensures an uninterrupted 2 hours of run time with a quick 2-hour recharge, making it ideal for busy salon environments.
  • Cord/Cordless Operation: Experience the freedom of movement with its cordless functionality or plug in for non-stop use. This flexibility is essential for professionals who demand reliability and versatility in their tools.


  • Precision Blades: The Slimline Pro Li features ultra-sharp, carbon-steel T-blades, perfect for close-cutting, detailing, and intricate designs. These blades are engineered to provide a superior cutting experience, ensuring crisp lines and flawless fades.
  • Quiet but Powerful Motor: The rotary motor is not just powerful but also whisper-quiet, ensuring clients’ comfort. It’s designed to handle all hair types with ease, from fine to thick textures.

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Cordless US Pro Li Clipper

With the added benefit of being cordless. Hence, you can use it anywhere. It features a vibrant, stylish design, along with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery for better power efficiency. The battery can last for as long as two hours, with a charge time of just 90 minutes or less.

  • Cordless Convenience: The Andis US Pro Li offers unparalleled freedom of movement, allowing you to navigate around your client effortlessly, ensuring a comfortable and seamless haircutting experience.
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery: Equipped with a high-endurance lithium-ion battery, this clipper provides consistent power for up to 2 hours on a single charge. Fast charging capability means you’re always ready for the next client.
  • Precision Fading Blade: The Andis US Pro Li features an adjustable blade specifically designed for precision fades. Achieve flawless blends and detailed work with ease, enhancing your ability to create a wide array of styles.
  • Ergonomic Design: Crafted for comfort, the sleek design fits perfectly in your hand, reducing fatigue and allowing for longer usage periods. The lightweight build ensures manoeuvrability, crucial for intricate styles.


  • Multiple Cutting Lengths: Accompanying the clipper are various attachment combs, providing multiple cutting lengths.
  • Quiet yet Powerful Motor: The clipper operates with minimal noise, creating a pleasant atmosphere for both barber and client. Despite its quiet nature, the motor is robust, easily cutting through all hair types.
  • Durable and Stylish: The ENVY’s build quality is second to none, ensuring longevity even with heavy usage. Its stylish design will not only look great in your barbershop but also represent the professional standard of your services.

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US Pro Li Cordless Clipper LCL R

It is a powerful and lightweight adjustable clipper, weighing in at less than 284g.

  • Precision Engineered Blades: The Andis US Pro Li features high-quality, carbon-steel blades that are precision engineered for the sharpest cutting experience.
  • Robust Lithium-Ion Battery: Equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, the clipper provides sustained power for up to two hours of non-stop use. This means uninterrupted grooming sessions and the freedom to serve multiple clients on a single charge.
  • Ergonomic Design: Understanding the demands of prolonged use, the Andis US Pro Li is designed with an ergonomic shape and lightweight structure, ensuring ease of use and reduced wrist fatigue. 
  • Cordless Convenience: The cordless design of the clipper not only provides freedom of movement but also eliminates the hassle of tangled cords, allowing for a more organised and efficient workspace.


  • Adjustable Speed Control: With its variable speed control, the clipper can be adjusted to suit various hair types and cutting techniques. This flexibility is crucial for professionals who demand precision and control in their work.
  • Quiet Motor: The clipper operates with a remarkably quiet motor, ensuring a more comfortable experience for both the professional and the client. The low vibration also contributes to the precision and quality of the cut.