5 min Make-up make-over

5 min Make-up make-over

Where did the time go?  We’ve all had it happen… hit the snooze button 1 time too many, spent too long on our hair, can’t make a decision on an outfit, shoes & accessories and suddenly a stylist would be an asset!

So, in the spirit of trying to cram the glam — without looking rushed, we have some steps which will help you get out of the house or workplace in the shortest time looking fresh.

The key to a 5-minute personal make-up routine is having the right products and the knowledge. 

Palettes and 2-in-1’s are definitely HUGE time savers…


Foundation is a liquid or powder make-up applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone.

Some foundations also function as a moisturiser or have sunscreen mixed in.

For an express make-up application, we would suggest using a 2 in 1 tinted moisturiser or a CC cream (both include SPF) this can be applied with a brush, sponge or your fingers…


It is composed of black pigments bonded together by a polymer and thickened by various waxes or oils. Mascara is used to enhance the lashes, lengthen, thicken, darken, and intensify your natural lashes, drawing more attention to your eyes.

Mascara is a key part of the morning routine and it makes such a big impact on your look, which is why mascara is an important step when it comes to express make-up.

One of our favourite mascaras is our blinc tubed mascara! blinc mascara is available in 2 options, original or amplified offering the Life Proof properties (i.e. smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant, flake-proof) what more could we ask for when it comes to mascara!

** Tip

Apply mascara to your top lashes, focusing on the roots to pump up the volume

Remove with warm water & pressure – NO makeup remover needed


Bronzer is used to create a sun-kissed glow and enhance a tan. Bronzing make-up can be used to darken areas of the skin without masking it, or to add warmth.

Bronzer is a great way to make your skin look radiant and healthy. Just swipe a line of powder from your ear to the apple of your cheek, then gently blend it out using tiny circular brush strokes, rather than a back-and-forth wiper motion.

The key to a natural-looking bronze is to frame your face in a warm glow. Blush can shape and define your face, creating the illusion of cheekbones that do not exist and it is easier to do than you think!

This helps give colour and definition especially in an express make-up and we are using minimal steps while creating a beautiful look. 


Lipstick draws attention to the lips and makes them stand out. Lips are considered a sensual part of the body and highlighting them can make women feel more attractive.

Some may wear lipstick to feel better about their appearance or to create a bold look.

Lip liners act as primers to boost the colour and longevity of your lipstick. Lip liners are specifically formulated to be long wearing, which explains why most lip pencils come in creamy mattes.

A lip liner’s formula helps your lipstick adhere to your lips better without bleeding or feathering.

Q, Can you wear just lip liner?

A, Yes, You can wear lip liner without lipstick

When we are looking to switch up our routine, reaching for just a lip liner to not only line but also fill in our lips is intriguing, bold and long lasting.


Step #5.. Setting Spray

If you have had to do your make-up as quick as possible but need it to last, setting spray is the 1 step you never want to skip.

Setting spray keeps your makeup looking polished all day/night long. When setting spray is sprayed onto your skin, the solvent evaporates, leaving behind the polymer.

A lot of the same polymers are used as the holding ingredients in hairspray, the lightweight, non-sticky formula helps to prevent the natural creasing and shifting of cosmetics for up to 12 hours.

Formulated with skin calming ingredients, setting spray also helps to relax the skin as well as add an extra boost of hydration for optimal skin health. Use after makeup applications to set the face or mist on throughout the day to help reinvigorate the skin and to help prevent your makeup from smudging, creasing, or fading quickly.

Make-up Removers

Such an essential item when it comes to make-up. Make-up removal should be part of your daily skin care ritual because it is good for your skin. … It washes away cosmetics, impurities, and dirt from the surface of your skin, which could lead to irritation or cause your skin to age more rapidly.

Is it necessary to use makeup remover?

Regardless of how much makeup you wear during the day, it’s important that you remove it before you go to bed.

Some cosmetics and sunscreens can clog your pores, contribute to acne breakouts, make your skin look dull and it can cause extensive damage to your skin during the night.

Most make-up is made of oily substances so it is best we remove make-up at the end of the day!


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